You asked: Why do some experts suggest regarding the differences in brain organization in males and females?

What do some experts suggest regarding the differences in brain organization in males and females? Males self-report more engagement in hunting than do females.

Why is the study of female delinquency important quizlet?

Many criminologists argue than an understanding of gender is important in the study of delinquency because adolescent females are socially positioned in society in ways that make them especially vulnerable to male convictions, including physical and sexual abuse and the negative effects of poverty.

What according to contemporary socialization views is the key to understanding female delinquency?

According to contemporary socialization views, what is the key to understanding female delinquency? Liberal feminism asserts that females are less delinquent than males. Critical feminists also focus on certain forces that shape women’s lives and experiences to explain female delinquency.

What does labeling theory recognize delinquency?

Labeling theory suggests that people’s behavior is influenced by the label attached to them by society [1–4]. This label can be a critical factor to a more persistent criminal life course for individuals who might just be experimenting with delinquent activity.

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Which type of family involves the husband and wife sharing different jobs of power hence daughters obtain more freedom which is reflected in reduced parental control and more female delinquency?

In patriarchal families, the husband and wife share similar positions of power at home and in the workplace; daughters gain a kind of freedom that reflects reduced parental control.

What are the key factors of gender specific programming?

Risk Factors

  • Early sexual experimentation.
  • Academic failure.
  • History of sexual abuse.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Dysfunctional family system.
  • Racism.
  • Sexism.
  • Substance abuse.

What theory holds the view that lower female crime?

Liberal feminism asserts that females are less delinquent than males.

What triggers the onset of female delinquency?

When examining the multiple causes of girls’ delinquency, it is clear that family dysfunction, antisocial peers, poor school attachment, and exposure to disadvantaged neighborhoods are as correlated for girls as these causes are for boys.

What are significant predictors of serious delinquent behaviors?

Prior antisocial behavior is generally a good predictor of violent or serious delinquency outcomes. However, the best predictors from this age period have to do with juveniles’ social relations, especially involvement with antisocial peers and lack of strong social ties.

How does labeling theory affect people?

According to this theory, individuals who are labelled as criminals by society, for instance, may be more likely to engage in criminal activities simply due to such social labelling. By the same logic, positive labelling by society can influence individuals to exhibit positive behaviour.

Why is Labelling theory useful?

Labelling theory is very useful in explaining criminal behaviour. Labelling theory is one of the theories which explain the causes of deviant and criminal behaviour in society. It gives an insight on what could make an individual be attracted to criminal behavior as opposed to morally desirable behavior.

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What is an example of labeling theory?

For example, a person who volunteers to stay late at work is usually seen as worthy of praise, but, if a person has been labelled as a thief, people might be suspicious that they will steal something. For some people once a deviant label has been applied this can actually lead to more deviance.

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