You asked: What is the feminine gender of brother?

Masculine Feminine
brother sister
conductor conductress
count countess
czar czarina

What is the feminine gender of father’s brother?

Masculine/Feminine Words

Masculine word Translation Feminine word
मामा Mother’s Brother मामी
चाचा Father’s Younger Brother चाची
फूफा Father’s Sister’s Husband फूफी
मौसा Mother’s Sister’s Husband मौसी

What is the feminine of gender?

Feminine is defined as the female gender. An example of feminine is the female sex. … Relating or belonging to the gender of words or forms that refer chiefly to females or to things grammatically classified as female.

What is the gender of witch?

The Old English root of the word ‘witch’ has two forms: wicca, for a male witch, and wicce for a female. ‘Warlock’ is rooted in a different semantic field: ‘oathbreaker, traitor, or devil’. Modern English has lost the explicitly gendered forms of ‘witch’, and attributes the feminine gender to the word implicitly.

What is feminine gender of Tiger?

tiger ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

The female tiger can be called a tiger or tigress. A young tiger is called a tiger cub.

What is the opposite gender for hero?

hero – heroine (Hero refers to male and heroine refers to female.)

What is feminine of God?

The feminine of God is Goddess.

Should you use hero or heroine?

Heroine is a word of the feminine gender, so it is applicable to your mother and the meaning of the word is applicable, so I would not strongly object to using this option. However, hero is probably preferable here.

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