You asked: Is Martinique male or female?

375,953 Current population
175,774 Current male population (46.8%)
200,178 Current female population (53.2%)
2,831 Births year to date
9 Births today

Is Martinique masculine or feminine?

la Martinique is a French region, not a country. The noun is feminine.

Are islands masculine or feminine in French?

For example, Madagascar is not used with an article but is feminine even if it does not end in -e, but that’s because it is an island –une île– and what is really meant even if not uttered is l’île de Madagascar.

What is Martinique also called?

Martinique, island and overseas territorial collectivity of France, in the eastern Caribbean Sea. … The name Martinique is probably a corruption of the Indian name Madiana (“Island of Flowers”) or Madinina (“Fertile Island with Luxuriant Vegetation”), as reputedly told to Christopher Columbus by the Caribs in 1502.

Why does the Martinique flag have snakes?

The snakes on the flag are fer-de-lance vipers that are natively poisonous snakes found in Martinique. … It was first hoisted as the ensign of the new French settlement of St Lucia and Martinique on 4th August 1766, and it was decreed to be used by the vessels of these two settlements.

Is France feminine or masculine?

France is la France in French, which classifies it as a feminine noun. It’s pronounced ”FRAHns. ” La France est plus petite que le Canada.

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What does Ille mean in French?

île Noun. île, la ~ (f) (îlot) island, the ~ Noun. isle, the ~ Noun.

Is Martinique a rich or poor country?

Is Martinique a rich country? The economy is based on sugarcane, bananas, tourism, and light industry. Agriculture accounts for about 6% of GDP and the small industrial sector for 11%.

Martinique Economy Data.

GDP – Gross Domestic Product (PPP) $0 (USD)
Currency Code euro (EUR)

Is English spoken in Martinique?

English is NOT the national language

The official language in Martinique is French, and Creole is widely spoken. English is not.

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