You asked: Is ETE masculine or feminine in French?

Although all the seasons are masculine in French, to translate “in+season’s name” in French, the preposition will change: Au printemps. En été

Is eye masculine or feminine in French?

Is eyes in French masculine or feminine? So the French word for eyes is “les yeux”.

How do you use ete in French?

There are two meanings for the French word “été.” One meaning is “summer,” and it would be used like this: “En été, il fait chaud,” which means “it’s hot in summer.” The second way “été “ can be used is as the past participle of the verb “être,” so it would mean “was” or “were.” It is conjugated into the passé composé …

What is the present tense of etre in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je / j’ suis étais
tu es étais
il est était
nous sommes étions

What tense is j’ai été?

To figure this out we should look at the different uses of the passé composé (j’ai été) and the imperfect (j’étais) -It is used to express a completed action at a given moment at the past. It is used much like the simple past in English (I ate, I fed etc.)

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