You asked: Is Book a feminine gender?

The word for book in French is livre and is a masculine noun. It is pronounced, ‘lee-vruh. ‘ The sentence, ‘Paul has a book’ is Paul a un livre in…

Is Book a male or female?

Grammatical Gender – Non Living Things Posted by Nitin Kumar on Dec 28, 2012 in Hindi Language

English Hindi Gender
Book किताब feminine
Bottle बोतल feminine
Window खिड़की feminine
Wire तार masculine

Are books masculine or feminine French?

a book in French is masculine, un livre. a table is feminine, une table.

Is Book feminine or masculine in Russian?

Masculine : паспорт (passport), документ (document), брат (brother), Хлеб (bread).

Which word is feminine gender?

List of masculine and feminine words in English:

Masculine Feminine Gender neutral
man woman person
father mother parent
boy girl child
uncle aunt

What is gender of pen?

Answer: Feminine is the gender of a pen.

How do you say book in French?


  1. livres, le ~ (m) Noun.
  2. ouvrages, le ~ (m) Noun.

How do u spell book in French?

“spelling book” in French

  1. alphabet.
  2. abécédaire.

WHAT IS A in French?

Generally speaking, à means “to,” “at,” or “in,” while de means “of” or “from.” Both prepositions have numerous uses and to understand each better, it is best to compare them. … Learn more about the preposition à.

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Is Notebook feminine in Russian?

For example, the word for dictionary (словарь) is masculine but the word for notebook (тетрадь) is feminine.

How do you tell if a Russian word is masculine or feminine?

The basic rules to determine grammatical gender of Russian nouns are: Masculine nouns usually end in a consonant letter or -й Feminine nouns usually end in -a or –я Neuter nouns usually end in -о, -е, or -ё.

What gender is car in Russian?

Let’s take the example of большой (big): (masculine) большой город — big city. (feminine) большая машина — big car. (neuter) большое солнце — big sun.

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