Why my female betta is fighting with the male?

The male will see the female as a threat to the eggs and begin relentlessly attacking her. Also, you’ll need to remember that if the two bettas do end up producing fry, then some of them are likely to become males. While this isn’t a problem at first, as they get older fighting will start to occur.

How do I stop my female betta from fighting?

Try having them loose together in the large tank, but keep a close eye on their behavior. Some individuals are feistier than others and may never cope with having free access to another betta, although they’ll probably be fine with other fish species. If they carry on fighting, add a partition.

Why is my female betta not interested in the male?

If it is the female that is not interested in the male, put a sleeve in the tank with another female inside of it. … If having the fish in a sleeve does not get your fish motivated, you might try letting the teaser fish loose in the spawn tank. Make sure you are right there and do not leave them like this.

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