What kind of surgeon does gender reassignment surgery?

Gender confirmation surgeries, also known as gender affirmation surgeries, are performed by a multispecialty team that typically includes board-certified plastic surgeons.

What type of doctor does gender reassignment surgery?

Sex Reassignment Surgeries (SRS)

Surgical procedures are done by a team that includes, as appropriate, gynecologists, urologists, pelvic pain specialists and a reconstructive plastic surgeon.

Do urologists do gender reassignment surgery?

Gender-confirming surgery, previously described as sex reassignment surgery, includes procedures that alter an individual’s body to resemble that of their identified gender. Urologists may be involved in providing surgical castration, genital reconstruction, or in managing complications of genital reconstruction.

How much does a surgery to change your gender cost?

Gender reassignment surgeries are expensive. Bottom surgeries can cost about $25,000 and top (breast surgeries) from $7,800 to $10,000. Facial and body contouring are also costly. More employer insurance policies, and those sold under the Affordable Care Act, now cover at least some gender reassignment surgeries.

Can a man get pregnant?

People who are born male and living as men cannot get pregnant. A transgender man or nonbinary person may be able to, however. It is only possible for a person to be pregnant if they have a uterus. The uterus is the womb, which is where the fetus develops.

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Is male to female surgery painful?

For the patient, severe pain, bruising and general discomfort for days after the male-to-female procedure are common. And the female-to-male gender-reassignment surgery is even more difficult surgically, with a longer recovery period.

Can you change your gender without surgery?

Many transgender people transition without using hormones or surgery. Nonmedical options include: Living as your gender identity. This includes changing your clothing, name, speech or other things.

Who is the best vaginoplasty surgeon in the world?

Dr. Lina Triana is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the subject of vaginal rejuvenation. With her international plastic surgery practice based in Cali, Colombia, Dr.

How common is gender reassignment surgery?

The Encyclopedia of Surgery says that “the number of gender reassignment procedures conducted in the United States each year is estimated at between 100 and 500. The number worldwide is estimated to be two to five times larger.” At least one other researcher says there are many more.

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