What is the opposite gender of Begum?

The given word Baashah comes under the Masculine Gender and thus its Feminine Gender will be Begum. This word Baashah is the synonym to a king or emperor and Begum is the word synonymous to the Queen or empress.

What is the opposite gender of Squaw?

Masculine and Feminine Gender (People)

Masculine Feminine
Boy Scout Girl Guide
brave squaw
bridegroom bride
brother sister

What is the gender of opposite?

The “opposite gender” usually means female if the reference point is male, or male if the reference point is female.

What is the gender of manservant?

Maid servant: The word “maid servant” is used to refer to the female counterpart of the noun ‘servant’. It is the required feminine form of the given noun “man servant” and it refers to a female person who is assigned to help us in our day to day lives. Therefore, this is the correct option.

What is the feminine gender of bee?

What gender are bees? – Quora. Most (workers) are neuter female, drones are male, and the Queen is an actively reproducing female. Drones are males, workers are unfertilized (usually sterile) females, and the Queen is a female capable of laying fertilized eggs.

Is maid a common gender?

A maid, or housemaid or maidservant, is a female domestic worker. … In other parts of the world, maids remain common in urban middle-class households. “Maid” in Middle English meant an unmarried woman, especially a young one, or specifically a virgin.

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What gender is Fox?

A fox is a male carnivorous animal belonging to the dog family and is known for its cunning nature. A vixen is the feminine (female) gender of the fox.

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