What can we conclude about explanations for the gender differences in mathematics ability quizlet?

boys and girls will receive relatively similar scores. What can we conclude about studies on gender comparisons of mathematical ability? Some math tests show gender differences, but there are no large overall differences. … “Women may score lower, but the test under-predicts their grades in college math courses.”

What conclusions can be reached regarding gender differences in verbal and mathematical capabilities?

These results have been summarized in older and influential reviews which have concluded that sex/gender differences in verbal, spatial, and mathematical abilities would be well established, with males scoring higher on spatial and mathematical tests and females higher on verbal tests 16, 17.

What can we conclude about gender comparisons in self disclosure with friends?

What can we conclude about gender comparisons in self-disclosure with friends? … Angelo: “Men and women do not occupy “different cultures” with respect to providing emotional support to their friends.”

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What can we conclude based on the research in women’s representation in STEM?

What can we conclude based on the research in women’s representation in STEM ? Women tend to be underrepresented in some, but not all, of these fields.

Which statement is most generally true related to gender differences in cognitive abilities? There are differences between the genders but they tend to be small in magnitude.

Which gender is better at memory?

Females tend to perform better than males in verbal-based episodic memory tasks, as opposed to spatial-based memory tasks [10]. Females generally access their memories faster than males [11], date them more precisely [12], and use more emotional terms when describing memories [13].

Which of the following is an example of Androcentrism?

Examples of androcentrism include the use of male terms (e.g., he), images, and research participants to represent everyone. Androcentrism has been shown to have serious consequences. For example, women’s health has been adversely affected by over-generalized medical research based solely on male participants.

How does gender affect self-disclosure?

Several moderator variables were found. Sex of target and the interaction effect of relationship to target and measure of self-disclosure moderated the effect of sex on self-disclosure. Sex differences in self-disclosure were significantly greater to female and same-sex partners than to opposite-sex or male partners.

What is the meaning of self-disclosure?

Self-disclosure involves sharing personal information – such as your thoughts, dreams, fears, goals, preferences, and experiences. It’s an important way to strengthen relationships and build trust.

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Which is true of self-disclosure?

Which is true of self-disclosure? a. It is viewed essentially the same way around the world.

Why do girls want female role models?

Female role models are important for ambitious women. If we can’t look up and see women who have been successful, we are less likely to be successful ourselves. The presence of women in leadership positions and the opportunity to network with them is vital to helping motivate women to advance in their careers.

What gender is more attractive?

“The study showed that women on a whole are more attractive than men.” And not only that, these more attractive women are producing more beautiful women. “Attractive parents have been found to have a higher ratio of daughters to sons,” Dr da Silva said.

Can we generalize the result of gender hiring discrimination to all scientific subjects?

Can we generalize the result of gender hiring discrimination to all scientific subjects? Explain your reasoning. No. … However, one could make the argument that discrimination in these three disciplines serves as a likely indicator that there may be discrimination in hiring among other STEM disciplines.

Does gender play a role in intelligence?

Males estimated their general IQ slightly, but mathematic IQ significantly higher than females, who rated their social and emotional intelligence higher than males. Masculine individuals awarded themselves somewhat higher verbal and practical IQ scores than did female participants.

Who can concentrate more boy or girl?

Girls also produce more serotonin and oxytocin, which may make them calmer, more interested in emotional connection, and capable of maintaining focus for longer periods of time. A study found that middle-school girls edge out boys in overall self-discipline.

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What are the gender differences in cognitive abilities?

These cognitive attributes are different in males and females. Generally, females show advantages in verbal fluency, perceptual speed, accuracy and fine motor skills, while males outperform females in spatial, working memory and mathematical abilities [2,3].

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