Quick Answer: What is the gender of hen?

Hen is the feminine version for chicken and rooster is the masculine version, so hen might produce 1 and rooster might produce 0 .

What is opposite of hen?

The opposite word of hen. Answer: Rooster. Since a hen is female, the opposite must be a male, that is why Rooster is the answer to your question.

Are all chickens we eat female?

Almost all of the chicken we see on supermarket shelves is female chicken meat. Although, male chicken meat is perfectly fine to eat, and some people even say it has a fuller flavor.

What is another word for hen?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hen, like: female chicken, chicken, bird, fowl, brooder, stag-party, stag, setting hen, Fetsch, Gapel and biddy.

Do we only eat female cows?

Do We Eat Bulls or Just Cows? The fate of all commercially raised cows, bulls, steers, and heifers are to be eaten, eventually, unless they dropped dead or caught a disease. For beef purposes, cows and steers mostly give their services. The majority of bulls are castrated to be slaughtered for meat.

Can male chickens lay eggs?

Male chicks are killed for two reasons: they cannot lay eggs and they are not suitable for chicken-meat production. … Layer hens are bred to produce eggs whereas meat chickens are bred to grow large breast muscle and legs.

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