Quick Answer: Is Aubergine masculine or feminine?

English French
Cucumber Le concombre
Eggplant L’aubergine (feminine)
Onion L’oignon (masculine)
Pepper Le poivron

Is vegetables masculine or feminine in French?

Some vegetables are always used in the plural form in French, for example “les épinards”. In that case, you will see (f.) for feminine nouns and (m.) for masculine nouns.

Is aubergine a French word?

aubergine: aubergine; egg plant.

Is courgettes masculine or feminine in French?

courgettes {feminine plural}

Is Carrot in French masculine or feminine?

The gender of carotte is feminine. E.g. la carotte.

What is brinjal called in French?

Aubergine, usual in British English, German, French and Dutch. Brinjal or brinjaul, usual in South Asia and South African English. Solanum melongena, the Linnaean name.

Is garlic feminine or masculine?

The French, l’ail, can be broken down into 2 parts:”the (masculine, before a vowel sound)” (l’) and “garlic” (ail).

Why do British say aubergine?

The word aubergine, used in the UK, comes from French. The word eggplant, which Americans use, was popular in different parts of Europe because they were more used to seeing small, round, white versions that looked a bit like goose eggs.

Is broccoli masculine or feminine?

The gender of brocoli is masculine.

Is Steak masculine or feminine in French?


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English French
1. steak bifteck (masculine noun)
2. steak steak (masculine noun)
3. steak (noun) Synonym: beefsteak beefsteak (masculine noun)
4. steak (noun) Synonym: beefsteak biftèque (masculine noun)
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