Question: Which guinea pig gender is better?

Generally speaking, guinea pig pet parents have found that male guinea pigs tend to be a little more confident or bolder than females. This can sometimes lead to training males and being able to handle them a little easier than their shyer counterparts.

Which gender of guinea pig is friendlier?

The Pros & Cons of Sows – Female Guinea Pig

Then it’s better to choose females as they won’t get into fights if you want to have at least a couple of guinea pigs. More over, cavies will end up genuine buddies. Sows are real girls that love to keep their homes clean and nice.

Should I get 2 male or female guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs make great pets, whatever the gender. The secret lies in getting the right combination. If you already have guinea pigs, newcomers should be of the same sex, or neutered, to prevent unwanted litters. It’s best to keep guinea pigs in same-gender combinations, so that you won’t have to neuter them.

Do girl guinea pigs have periods?

Females can have estrous or fertile periods at any time of the year, but they are most common in the spring. The estrous cycle length is 16 days. A female is fertile for about 6 to 11 hours, most often during night hours. Female guinea pigs begin a new estrous cycle shortly after giving birth.

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Which breed of guinea pig lives the shortest?

For instance, the Skinny Pig can live up to 14 years, although they average at 7 to 8 years. On the other hand, haired breeds typically have a slightly shorter lifespan with the shortest being the Texel, American, Cuy, and Teddy at a lower limit of 4 years.

Are guinea pigs OK in the rain?

Generally it is not good for guinea pigs to go outside in the rain, however, they can go out in it and they will. It is worse for them to experience the rain than it is for us. … If the rain is heavy, however, they will look to stay inside as it does affect them if the rain is heavy.

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