Question: What is the features of hegemonic masculinity?

Characteristics associated with hegemonic masculinity include strength, competitiveness, assertiveness, confidence, and independence. Being gentle, compassionate, emotional, and dependent, for example, are characteristics of hegemonic femininity.

What are the types of hegemonic masculinity?

Connell posits four types of masculinities, more as positions in relation to one another than as personality types: hegemonic, complicit, subordinated, and marginalized. … The hegemonic position is the currently accepted male ideal within a particular culture at a particular time.

What is the advantages of hegemonic masculinity?

We have shown that the theoretical concept of hegemonic masculinity is a key part of the evidence that needs to be worked into gender interventions and through so doing can result in interventions that seek to change men’s practices, identities and relations with women to reduce violence, promote gender equity and …

What’s hegemonic about hegemonic masculinity?

Hegemonic masculinity dominates certain groups of men, notably gay men, with political and cultural exclusion, legal and street violence, and so on. These subordinate masculinities often have blurry boundaries with femininity. In addition, subordinate classes’ and racial minorities’ masculinities are marginalized.

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What is hegemonic masculinity and what are the effects of this phenomenon?

The tenets of hegemonic masculinity include violent behavior, aggression, resistance to the expression of emotions, and display of toughness. Therefore, the quest for manhood and the desire to prove their masculinity by demonstrating power over women and other men forms the central mechanism of the society.

What is meant by hegemonic femininity?

Hegemonic femininity consists of the characteristics defined as womanly that establish and legitimate a hierarchical and complementary relationship to hegemonic masculinity and that, by doing so, guarantee the dominant position of men and the subordination of women. (

What is Emphasised femininity?

Emphasized femininity is defined by its “compliance with this subordination and […] oriented to accommodating the interests and desires of men” (Connell 183). … Features of emphasized femininity include “vulnerability, fragility, acceptance of marriage, sexual receptivity, and motherhood” (Finley 361).

What is the disadvantage of caring masculinity?

Decades of feminist research and masculinities studies have demonstrated the harmful costs of hegemonic masculinity for both women and men. For men these costs include violence (against others and self), high-risk behaviour, lack of self-care, poor health and impoverished relationships with others.

What is the opposite of hegemonic masculinity?

Subordinate masculinity refers to acting in or being in opposition to hegemonic masculinity, such as being effeminate or overly emotional.

What is hegemonic masculinity essay?

Hegemonic masculinity is a belief in existence of culturally normative ideal of male behavior that is characterized by tendency for male dominance. … This essay discusses the concept of hegemonic masculinity in relation to gender and social change.

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What is the relationship between hegemonic masculinity and patriarchy?

Hegemonic masculinity is directly linked to patriarchy in that it exists as the form of masculinity that is “culturally exalted” in a particular historical and geographical context (Connell 1995:77) but also in that it reflects dominance over women and subjugated masculinities.

What is the definition of hegemonic masculinity quizlet?

Hegemonic masculinity can be defined as the configuration of gender practice which embodies the currently accepted answer to the problem of the legitimacy of patriarchy which guarantees (or is taken to guarantee) the dominant position of men and the subordination of women. … Hegemony is a historically mobile relation.

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