Is Season masculine or feminine?

Seasons are masculine, but since three out of four begin with vowel sounds, you will often see them preceded by the preposition en. Otherwise, we use the preposition au before printemps, the preposition more often associated with masculine words.

Is seasons in Spanish feminine or masculine?

In Spanish, the seasons are almost always preceded by a definite article: either la (feminine “the”) or el (masculine “the”). It’s possible to omit the article when the season follows a form of the verb ser and after the prepositions en and de. Examples: Es verano.

Are seasons masculine or feminine in French?

Although all the seasons are masculine in French, to translate “in+season’s name” in French, the preposition will change: Au printemps.

What seasons are feminine in Spanish?

Las estaciones – Seasons

Primavera is feminine; the other seasons (and all other Spanish calendar words) are masculine.

Does Spain have all 4 seasons?

Spain is a country with a mild climate all year round but still preserves its seasonal contrasts.

What are the twelve months in Spanish?

So, the months of the year in Spanish are enero, febrero, marzo, abril, mayo, junio, julio, agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre, diciembre.

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