Is rouille masculine or feminine?

rust-colored {adj.}

What is the meaning of rouille?

: a peppery garlic sauce.

Is Lapin feminine or Masculin?

The word for rabbit in French is lapin. Lapin is considered a masculine noun and is used when making a general reference to the animal.

Is keys feminine or masculine?

For example, the word “key” is masculine in German and feminine in Spanish. German speakers in the study tended to describe keys as hard, heavy, jagged, metal, and useful. Spanish speakers, on the other hand, used words such as golden, intricate, little, lovely, and tiny when describing keys.

What does the word Worcestershire sauce mean?

: a pungent sauce whose ingredients include soy, vinegar, and garlic.

Is chat feminine or masculine?

Actually the word “chat” is masculine in French : un chat.

What is the feminine of Lapin in French?

doe [noun] the female of certain deer, and of the rabbit, hare etc.

Is Poule masculine or feminine?


French English
1. poule (feminine noun) chicken
2. poule (feminine noun) hen
3. poule (feminine noun) chick
4. poule (feminine noun) group

What Is a villa in French?

More French words for villa. la villa noun. villa. le pavillon noun. flag, pavilion, ward, detached house, wing.

Is Heure masculine or feminine?

The phrase ‘what time is it?’ is formed with the French question word quelle, the feminine form for ‘what’ because the noun for ‘hour’ is feminine (heure), and this noun is used in the question.

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