Is Quiche feminine or masculine?

‘Permettez-moi” (allow me) the following gender stereotyping, but a quiche is round and sometimes has a (frilly) edge ‘en volant’ and an éclair – well ‘sans rentrer dans le détail’ (without going in to detail) it’s fairly easy to imagine that an éclair is a masculine object.

Is Quiche a French word?

quiche Add to list Share. A quiche is a savory, egg-based dish that’s cooked in pastry like a tart or a pie. … Quiche is a French word that first appeared in English in the mid-20th century and became very popular around 1970. It comes from the German Kuchen, or “cake.”

Is Maison a feminine or masculine word?

The feminine noun maison (house) takes the form of la maison (the house), une maison (a house), or les maisons (the houses).

Is snack feminine or masculine?


English French
2. snack goûter (masculine noun)
3. snack (intransitive verb) grignoter
4. snack (noun) collation (feminine noun)
5. snack (noun) en-cas (masculine noun)

Is Soupe feminine or Masculin?

The gender of soupe is feminine. E.g. la soupe.

What does quiche mean in slang?

quiche. adjective ˈkēsh Incredibly attractive, sexy. A step above hot.

Is Piscine feminine or masculine?

This being said : “examen” is masculin singular and “piscine” is feminine singular.

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Is Paris feminine or masculine?

Are cities in French feminine or masculine? Most French cities don’t have an article, but when you use an adjective, should it be masculine or feminine: “Paris est beau” or “Paris est belle” ? In a nutshell, the answer is: both are possible. So, “Paris est beau” or “Paris est belle” – your choice!

Is Frere masculine or feminine?

Family Vocabulary in French

Masculine Feminine
Le frère [brother] La soeur [sister]
Le fils [son] La fille [daughter]
Le grand-père [grandfather] La grand-mère [grandmother]
Le petit-fils [grandson] La petite-fille [granddaughter]

What is another name for snack?

Synonyms of snack

  • bite,
  • morsel,
  • mouthful,
  • nibble,
  • nugget,
  • taste,
  • tidbit.
  • (also titbit)

Is Vin masculine or feminine French?

4 – French Nouns Ending in In are Masculine

For example le vin (the wine), le magasin (the shop), le dessin (the drawing), le chemin (the road, way), le jardin (the garden). An exception is la fin (the end).

Is Jus D Orange feminine or masculine?

French food vocabulary

term translation
Jus …d’orange pomme de raisin Juice (Masculine) Orange juice apple grape
Lait Milk (Masculine)
Limonade Lemon Soda (Feminine)
The Tea (Masculine)

Is pain feminine or masculine French?

LE for masculine nouns (‘le pain’) LA for feminine nouns (‘la pomme’)

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