Is pen male or female?

The nouns that express entities without gender (e.g., objects and abstract concepts) have only one form. This form can be masculine or feminine. For example, la voiture (the car) can only be feminine; le stylo (the pen) can only be masculine.

What gender is pen?

Grammatical Gender – Non Living Things Posted by Nitin Kumar on Dec 28, 2012 in Hindi Language

English Hindi Gender
Chair कुर्सी feminine
Bed पलंग/बिस्तर masculine
Computer कंप्यूटर masculine
Pen पेन/कलम masculine

Is pen a common gender?

A noun that denotes either a male or a female is said to be of the common gender. … A noun that denotes a thing that is neither male nor female is said to be of the neuter gender. Examples are: book, pen, room, house, tree etc.

Is je in French masculine or feminine?

1 Using subject pronouns

Singular Meaning Meaning
je (j’) I we
tu or vous you you
il he it they (masculine)
elle she it they (feminine)

What is the gender of cousin?

In English the word cousin is gender neutral and can refer to a boy or a girl ( or man or woman if they are adults).

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What is the gender of pen in English?

Answer: Feminine is the gender of a pen.

What is the gender of time?

Objects noted for their power, strength, and violence are used as Masculine gender nouns. The sun, summer, time, death etc… are masculine-gender nouns.

What is the gender of Nice?

If you are female, you are their niece. If you are male, you are their nephew. Both niece and nephew come from the Latin word nepotem. One nice thing about the spelling of niece is that it adheres to the “i” before “e” except after “c” rule.

What is the gender of the word teacher?

The masculine word for teacher is teacher. The word ‘teacher’ has no gender.

How many genders are there in French?

The language has no neutral grammatical gender. And there are many nouns (including those referring to professions) that don’t have feminine versions. So, a male minister is le ministre and a female minister is la ministre.

What are feminine words in French?

All the nouns ending in a double consonant + e are usually feminine. elle, enne, emme, esse, erre, ette… La pelle (shovel), une selle (saddle), la chaussette (the sock), la fillette (the little girl), La tristesse (sadness), la terre (earth), la femme (woman)…

Can JE be feminine?

One may interpret je as being one of two possible words with the same spelling, where one je, the masculine, is the first person version of the third person il, and the other je, the feminine, is the first person version of the third person elle.

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