Is bonbons feminine or masculine?

Is bonbons masculine or feminine?


French English
1. bonbon (masculine noun) candy
2. bonbon (masculine noun) sweet
3. bonbon (masculine noun) bon-bon (noun)
4. bonbon (masculine noun) confect (noun)

Is bonbons plural in French?

The plural form of bonbon is bonbons. … Twentieth-century bonbons and sweets made in France include numerous regional specialities, traditional or modern, unobtainable anywhere else.

Is good feminine or masculine in French?

Answer and Explanation:

The adjective ‘good’ is bon for the masculine singular form, and bons for the masculine plural form. The feminine form is slightly different.

What does bombom mean in Spanish?

English Translation. chocolate. More meanings for bombón. chocolate noun.

Is couple masculine or feminine?

The word couple is used in standard French as a masculine noun (a couple, married or unmarried), but in Quebec it is also used as a feminine noun in phrases like une couple de semaines (a couple of weeks).

Is bonbon in French masculine?

So, this is how you say “bonbon” in english.


French English
2. casse-bonbon (masculine noun) Synonym: emmerdeur nark (noun)
3. rose bonbon (adjective) candy-pink (adjective)
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What’s the meaning of Bon in French?

“Bon” is an adjective or noun that’s usually equivalent to “good”. You use it to talk about a state of being, to describe a person or an object.

What is the opposite of Bon in French?

The feminine word for the word Bon is Bonne.

In English the opposite of good is bad. We can translate bad in French as follows : Bad = mal in French. Mal is masculine.

What does Montre means in French?

1 Montre plural Montres : the Principal (see principal entry 2 sense 2g(2)) stop of a French organ at 8′ pitch or 16′ pitch with its displayed pipes.

Is bad in French feminine or masculine?

The French translation for “bad (masculine)” is mauvais.

What is feminine of God?

The feminine of God is Goddess.

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