Best answer: Is Texas masculine or feminine?

When the name of a region ends in any other vowel but “e”, or a consonant, it’s usually masculine: Le Canada, le Japon, le Portugal, le Burundi, le Luxembourg, le Texas… When a masculine country starts with a vowel or an H, use the rules of the feminine countries: L’Iran, l’Ouganda, Oman, Angola, Israël….

Are states feminine or masculine?

Most states are masculine; only nine are feminine and they are indicated by (f.). Knowing the gender will help you choose the correct definite article and geographic prepositions to use with each state.

Are places feminine or masculine?

– Places ending in other letters (including other vowels: a, o, etc) are masculine. le Japon, le Portugal, l’Ohio, le Nebraska, … – Some countries are plural: they’re usually made up of several “parts” (states, lands…). les États-Unis (USA), les Pays-Bas (Netherlands), …

Which cities are feminine in French?

Le Caire, Le Havre, Le Vésinet, Le Cap.. Feminine cities in French: La Ferté-Alais, La Havane, La Nouvelle-Orléans, La Turque…

Is à masculine or feminine in French?

We use the different variants au, à la, à l’ and aux depending on the gender and number of the noun which follows. For instance, we said ‘je travaille au cinéma’ because cinéma is a masculine noun. For a feminine noun, like ‘maison’, we would use ‘à la’ : ‘il est resté à la maison’.

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Is United States feminine or masculine in Spanish?

List of Common Nationalities that End in a Vowel

English Translation Masculine Singular Form Feminine Plural Form
American americano americanas
Argentinean argentino argentinas
Bolivian boliviano bolivianas
Canadian canadiense canadienses

Are cities feminine?

Cities, being inanimate objects, have no natural gender and are all neuter.

What gender are countries in Spanish?

The names of most countries as well as provinces, states, and regions is masculine. The main exceptions are those whose names end in an unstressed -a, such as Francia, Argentina, and Gran Bretaña. Canadá, which ends in a stressed -á, is masculine.

Is Paris a feminine word?

It says that in literary writings, you should prefer the feminine since you are after all talking about “la ville de Paris”, and since “la ville” is feminine, the adjective is feminine. One vote for “Paris est belle”.

Is Paris male or female?

Paris is a given name used as a boy and girl name.

Are all cities in French feminine?

Cities are usually not introduced by any article, and it’s unclear whether they are feminine or masculine. According to l’Accadémie Française, both genders are possible for cities. So you could say Paris est beau.

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