Best answer: Is pantalones masculine or feminine?

The word for ”pants” in French, pantalon, is a masculine noun.

Is pantalones masculine or feminine Spanish?

So, this is how you say “pantalones” in french.


Spanish French
1. pantalones cortos (masculine plural noun) Synonyms: bragas, pantalones, braga culotte (feminine noun)

Is Los pantalones plural?

I know that “los pantalones” means “trousers” and it is always plural in English( we cannot say trouser) .

What is the meaning of pantalon?

[pɑ̃talɔ̃ ] masculine noun. trousers pluriel (Brit) ⧫ pair of trousers (Brit) ⧫ pants pluriel (USA) ⧫ pair of pants (USA)

What does Benachi mean in Spanish?

feminine noun. general) (Ecuador) hair clip.

Is Ceinture feminine or masculine?


French Spanish
1. ceinture (feminine noun) ceñidor (masculine noun)
2. ceinture (feminine noun) cinto (masculine noun)
3. ceinture (feminine noun) fajín (masculine noun)
4. ceinture (feminine noun) Synonyms: bande, gaine faja (feminine noun)

Is Scarpe masculine or feminine in Italian?

List of Feminine in Italian

English Vocabulary Italian Vocabulary
shampoo shampoo
shirt camicia
shoes scarpe
soap sapone

Is Pantalon an English word?

pantalon → pants, trousers. pantalon → pants. pantalon → trousers, pants, pantaloon.

Is blouson masculine or feminine?

blouson court {masculine}

Is voiture masculine or feminine?

In French, the word for “car” (“voiture”) is feminine.

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